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Gist doesn't show up in Hugo

When I updated the version of Hugo, I no longer see the following Gist page. <script src=""></script> It worked by rewriting it as follows. Reference: Shortcodes Read more

Getting the SafeArea

With the arrival of the iPhoneX, I've become more concerned with the layout of the iPhoneX (getting SafeArea). SafeArea can be obtained by referring to the safeAreaInsets property in the viewDidLayoutSubviews method. Read more

I sent a code-level question to an Apple engineer.

My friends often tell me that AppleDeveloper registration fees are too high, but there are many good things in spite of the high fees. One of them is Technical Support Incident (TSI), where Apple engineers can answer questions and consult with you at the code level about bugs or problems that cannot be fixed. Read more


I solved the FizzBuzz with a C. It's interesting to see the differences between different languages when creating FizzBuzz.


It's about Ruby arrays. Recently, I've been doing some competition programming in Ruby. I'm worried about when to migrate to C++.


A UITextField is used to enter a character. Class Hierarchy of UITextField NSObject ↑upside down UIResponder. ↑upside down UIView. ↑upside down UIControl ↑upside down UITextField Read more


The UINavigationBar is the most commonly used UINavigationBar at the top of iOS app screens. Class hierarchy of UINavigationBar. NSObject ↑upside down UIResponder. ↑upside down Read more


A Swift dictionary array. Describes how to create and call a dictionary array. I like that different people use different ways of saying things like dictionary arrays, hashes, maps, etc. Read more


How to write an array It's a Swift array. This section describes the creation and calling of arrays. Add, Insert and Delete Arrays I will try to add, insert and delete arrays. Read more